Pork Belly Burnt Ends


Pork Belly Burnt Ends have become of one most searched recipes around! Thanks to the rise of Brisket and Chuck Roast, Pork Belly has been on the radar because of its affordable prices and delicious ability to make Pork Candy. It's simple but takes some patience and effort for prepping. Lets get into the recipe below:



(Dry Rub)

- 2-4 pounds pork belly, skin removed

- 1 cup brown sugar

- 2 tablespoons smoked cinnamon

- 1 tablespoon chipotle powder

- 2 tablespoons salt

- 2 tablespoons pepper


- 1 stick butter, unsalted

- 1/4 cup honey

- 1 cup bbq sauce



1) Remove silver skin and skin off fat cap

2) Cut into 1 Inch cubes

3) Create your dry rub

4) Set smoker for indirect, temp of 250

5) Season cubes generously, all sides

6) Smoke for 3ish hours or internal 165

7) Pull cubes and place in aluminum pan, add one stick of butter and 1/4 cup honey.

8) Smoke at 250 for 1 hour 30 mins, uncovered. Or temp of 203-205

9) Pull and sauce with 1 cup of bbq sauce, place back for 10ish mins for glaze.

10) Remove and serve, enjoy with friends and family.