Honey Soy Marinaded Drum Legs

These Honey & Soy drum legs are one of my favorite recipes to date! The flavors compliment one another and with a nice 4 hour marinade ever bite will be mouth watering. You can also use with for any chicken bbq, which I highly recommend. The only thing I suggest is the larger size of the meat the longer you marinade to allow the marinade to have time to penetrate deeply into the meat.


- 6 drum legs

- 2-3 tablespoons olive oil

- 3 tablespoons Smoked Hickory & Honey Sea Salt

- 1 cup bbq sauce

- 1/4 cup honey

- 1/4 cup soy

- 2 tablespoons Smoked Rub

- Toasted sesame seeds & scallions for garnish


1) Score your drum legs to allow the marinade to penetrate deeply within the meat.

2) Add olive oil in a mixing bowl and season with Smoked Hickory & Honey Sea Salt.

3) Combine ingredients for marinade, pour 2/3 of it on drum legs and place in fridge for 4 hours. Save the other 1/3 for glaze at end.

4) Thirty prior to pulling the chicken out the fridge begin to setup your smoker for indirect and temp of 250-275.

5) I used my drum rack (bought at Amazon) for this cook.

6) Start your smoke 30-45 mins. Keep an eye on the cook for temps and check every 5 mins after 25 min mark.

7) Prep your garnish.

8) Remove drum legs at an internal 165-170ish and plate, garnish and serve.

9) Enjoy with friends and family!


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