GRILLNATION Sweet Spare Ribs

I first cut off the silver skin and some fatty ends for the prep. After this first step, I used mustard as a binder and then used some sweet pork rub for seasoning. I then set my smoker for 225 degrees for the beginning of the 3-2-1 method. This method is 3 hours unwrapped at 225, 2 hours at 225 wrapped and then 1 hour wrapped with bbq sauce or other sweet sauce mixtures at a higher temp. For my 2 hour wrapped I used butter and honey. And after my final hour is wrapped at a higher temp I sauced them with BBQ applesauce for 15 mins. I did this final sauce technique twice.
2-3 racks of spare ribs
1 bottle mustard (use to your liking)
1 cup of sweet pork rub (I used Adams rib seasoning)
For wrapping:
1 roll foil
1 1/2 stick butter (1/2 stick each rack)
1 cup honey (portioned for all three racks)
Apple Pork BBQ sauce (I used Private selection from local store and mixed in apple sauce)