GRILLNATION 3 Seasoned Quarter Chicken

These quarter chickens were fantastic! I had seven of them and my buddy came out with 3 new spices. When this happens you help a friend out and use them all in the same cook! They all three had their own amazing flavor that popped! They are Guaucho Steakhouse, Adobo Honey & Garlic Herb! Every single one was fantastic on poultry👌
I first hit my chicken with some duck fat spray and then seasoned them with all three spices. 2 of them Gaucho Steakhouse, 2 Garlic Herb & 3 Adobo Honey. Once I seasoned them I set my smoker (indirect heat) at 375 and let them smoke until internal temp of 175. I went a little higher with the internal because I like my chicken that way when in the bone
At the end of the day, they all were fantastic! My family definitely favored the Garlic Herb and Gaucho Steakhouse, I loved all three! The Adobo Honey has a nice spice and my 7 & 5 year olds aren’t ready for the heat yet.
Duck fat spray
6-8 quarter chickens
1 cup Gaucho Steakhouse
1 cup Adobo Honey
1 cup Garlic Herb