Boneless Ribeye With My Roasted Garlic Bacon Butter Topped With A Sunny Side Up Egg


I can’t explain how amazing this cook was, so I’ll keep it short and simple... GET OUT AND MAKE THIS.... Absolutely satisfaction!



-2 Boneless Ribeyes, room temp

-1 Tablespoon olive oil, per steak, coat the steaks

-Season both sides generously

-Start coals in charcoal chimney (13 mins) filled halfway to keep your temp low around 250ish.

-Once coals are active dump them on one side of kettle grill.

-Place steaks on opposite side of coals (indirect)

-Grill for 40 mins or internal 112-115

-Pull steaks and add 10-15 chunks of coals, wait 8-10 mins.

-Sear steaks 1-2 mins per side

- Once you sit the steaks for resting make the two eggs and place on top.

-Once resting time is complete slice and eat




-2 tablespoons salt

-2 tablespoons black pepper

-2 tablespoons garlic powder

-2 tablespoons espresso coffee rub



Roasted Garlic Bacon Butter:

-8oz butter, room temp

-2-3 strips of bacon diced and cooked

-4-5 garlic cloves roasted, chopped

-1/3 cup fresh parsley, chopped