I absolutely love my sausage to be poached in some beer and then topped with grilled peppers, onions, cheese & bacon! That’s exactly what you get with this recipe and it’s a lot simpler than you think!



Cooking temp is 500-525, direct heat & indirect heat setup.

4-6 Sweet Italian Sausages into an cast iron skillet and then pour beer in until sausage is half way covered. 

Add another skillet and add 6 strips of hickory smoked bacon, diced.

While these are cooking monitor cook and move to indirect temp as needed.

Once the Bacon is crisp remove and set aside. Add peppers & onions to cook in the bacon fat, cook and stir occasionally till they’re finished.

Check temp of sausages and once 145 remove the skillet and set to the side, keep the sausages in the beer to keep warm until Brie cheese and veggies are finished.

When sausages are removed add another skillet over direct heat for the Brie. Place Brie and cook until melted.

When veggies are finished remove from grill, or place indirect. Move Brie to indirect once it start to melt.

Now over the direct heat finish the Sausages for a nice char on the outside, seen in the video. 1-2 mins each side. Internal temp is 165 when finished.

The most important part is assembling the Sausage on toasted buns. Assemble as desired but I went with Sausage, Veggies, Brie & Bacon for topping!

Enjoy this amazing recipe