I love scallops and bacon, so I decided to combine them for an epic dish! Many people ask how do I make sure they are both cooked all the way since they both have different cook times. This is simple and you will learn how in the description below that has detailed step by step instructions. It’s very simple and you will be surprised. I made a very simple brown sugar and ginger seasoning mix to top the scallops once they got placed on the cast iron that enhanced the flavors tremendously! Also, I will provide an optional spicy dipping sauce you can make. I hope you enjoy the recipe and get to making this is the near future.



-1 pound scallops, dry with paper towl

-10 strips of hickory bacon

-1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

-1 tablespoon dry ginger

(Spicy Mayo Dipping Sauce)

-1 cup mayo

-1/2 cup cilantro

-1 lime zest

-1 lime, juiced

-1/2 cup Chili Sriracha



-Light one full Charcoal Chimney

-Place Cast Iron over direct heat and get skillet to 400 temp min, don’t go more than 500 for this first step.

-Dry Scallops with paper towel

-Get bacon out and place all ten strips on skillet once it’s 400-450 surface degrees.

-Cook one side 4-5 mins, depending on heat zones of skillet.

-Flip and cook the other side 1-2 mins and pull. You do not want to cook the bacon all the way through and make sure it’s not crisp.

-Wrap Scallops In the Bacon. Also make sure tooth picks have been soaked for 30-45 mins so they don’t burn.

-Add coals if necessary and get skillet surface to 450-500 degrees, possibly hotter.

-Place scallops on and sear 1-2 mins or as needed depending on surface temp.

-Once scallops have been placed season with the brown sugar/ginger seasoning mix. A nice sprinkle will work.

-Flip scallops and repeat seasoning

-Sear for 1-2 mins, or as needed and pull.

-Serve immediately and enjoy with family and friends